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A thirty something single woman pretending to be a grown up... Mary Richards with liquor and attitude. Hell, I might just make it after all.

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

So far, so good

I know what you're saying: so big deal, you made it 3 whole days without drinking. Yes, I know but there were 2 Canucks games in that time period and I didn't even have a beer while watching, much to the disappointment of my local bartender. I'm quite pleased with myself.

In other news, it's raining... really... it is... in Vancouver... in March. What are the chances? Oh... 98%? Nevermind.

Must run now and grab a quick bite before I head to the gym. Yes, I said gym... don't sound so surprised.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Hangovers suck!

Now I remember why I've been going pretty light on the beverages lately. My head hurts and I want to eat greasy disgusting food until I feel better. Actually I think I'm going to have another nap now... and I'm going to try to remember this feeling the next time I go out.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Vampires alive dead and well and living in Romania

"That's the problem with vampires," said Doru Morinescu, a 30-year-old shepherd who, like many in the village, has a family connection to the current case. "They'd be all right if you could set them after your enemies. But they only kill loved ones. I can understand why, but they have to be stopped."

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Honest... I really do live here

Yesterday was C's birthday so Miss M, A and I headed out to Hell's Kitchen to help her celebrate. I was carrying a fairly small bag and I have a HUGE bunch of keys, so A suggested that I just leave them (the HUGE bunch of keys) at home, since he had his set. Fine. The evening was a lot of fun ... saw a bunch of folks I hadn't seen in ages. On the way home, Miss M and I decided to stop in at our local for a nightcap, while A decided to go to my place for a quick bite before he headed home. Fine. After a bit, I decide it's time to head home... A called and is on his way home, so I'm looking forward to crashing when I get in. But wait... as I approach the building I realize I don't have any freakin' keys! So, what do I do? The only thing I could... I broke in to my own apartment through a window, set the alarm off and then realized that for some reason, my alarm code was not working to reset the bloody thing. Picture it if you will: 2:00 am, alarm bells blaring throughout the building and a semi-drunk girl trying to explain that she didn't have her keys with her and she was very sorry about the noise. I'll bet my building manager is going to be impressed when she gets the message I left her at about 2:15 letting her know that my code wasn't working and the bloody alarm was screaming.

Good times...

Tuesday, March 23, 2004


I almost forgot.... While I was on hiatus from this place, I missed my one year bloggiversary. Yup, this place is officially just over a year old now... and it's definitely time for a new look! Watch this space for something different in the next few weeks.

The vacation is over....

So… I’m back. Why the hiatus? I just didn’t really feel like I had a lot to say. At least not much that anyone would be interested in. Okay, I still don’t think I have much to say that anyone would be interested in, but what the hell.

I’m learning how to play Ultimate (yes, that Frisbee thing) and it’s been a ton of fun. It’s actually a lot tougher than I expected and a lot more fun, despite the fact that my hands and wrists are battered, bruised and my muscles are killing me. Who knew there were so many muscles in your wrists?

Found out yesterday that my brother and his wife may be moving back to B.C. If all goes well Ron may accept an offer in Sechelt, which would be a hell of a lot closer to visit than Calgary is. I also found out that the baby might be a little earlier than the April 22nd due date. Lejla’s tummy measures 38 inches now, which generally corresponds to 38 weeks, so the doctor says it could be any time. She’s been getting Braxton Hicks contractions already so who knows… I may be an auntie sooner than expected.

It seems that A’s musical interests are starting to rub off on me, as I’ve decide to accompany him to the Merritt Mountain Music Festival in July. Okay, I don’t know how much it’s about the music and how much it’s about just getting out of the city to drink and camp for 4 days. Probably more the latter. A and I have also discussed moving in together once he finishes school in the fall. Considering that he’s at my place everyday it’s probably not a bad idea to get him paying rent!

Monday, March 15, 2004


Just wanted to let you know that I'm currently on a 2 week vacation from my blog...I'll be back next week.

In the meantime, go out and do something for goodness sake!

Monday, March 08, 2004


Mondays are always such a let down after a good weekend. I spent a very relaxing Friday night, while most of Saturday afternoon was spent wandering around Stanley Park with A. He was a good sport, especially considering it was pouring and by the time we got home we were soaked to the skin! Saturday night we hit the Commodore to see Bob Weir and Ratdog. Absolutely amazing! The music was unbelievable and the crowd was a great mix of old and young, with Dead Heads aplenty of course.

Saturday was also my sister-in-law’s baby shower, but as it was in Calgary, I couldn’t make it. I do however have a fabulous shower gift at home for them, but since Ron reads this, I can’t tell you what it is. They’re going to love it though. I’m hoping to head out there in the next few months for an impromptu visit. A wants to visit his brother who also lives in Calgary, so we may just drive out one weekend. I’m not exactly sure when, but it’ll be a surprise.

Oh, I am so looking forward to a hot bath and the hockey game tonight. Speaking of which, I was wrong in my last prediction (Vancouver and Colorado tied), but my ‘nucks have another opportunity to move ahead of the Avs tonight. I have my fingers crossed for them… and so should you. Why should you care you might ask? Well the answer to that is because I do!

Friday, March 05, 2004

This just in...

Martha was found guilty on all four counts in her obstruction trial.

Martha, Martha, Martha... for shame! How can I continue to purchase your home decor products at discount department stores knowing that you lied? If you go to prison, who will instruct me on how to build a TV stand out of some old rags and that big tree in the backyard? How will I know when to cut back my garden, and plant my lettuce and harvest my tomatos?

Oh, yeah... I don't do any of that stuff. Nevermind then.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004


I'm going on record to state that tonite is the night that my Canucks slide past the Avs for first place in the North West.

Monday, March 01, 2004


I can't really say anything, as I would like to keep my job, but I am incredibly frustrated with bureaucracy right now.