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Location: Vancouver, Canada

Tuesday, April 06, 2004


I still haven't managed to get the pictures of the baby posted, and the beautiful weather this weekend kept me about as far away from the computer as possible so posting has been non-existent. I also misjudged the intensity of the sun and now sport a lovely red sunburn on my chest and shoulders. Silly girl.

Apparently there are an awful lot of very stupid/confused people out there...at least amongst the people who took part in this survey. Really? Conan? You don't say.

Friday, April 02, 2004

I’m an auntie!!

My sister-in-law had the baby Thursday at 5:02 am and both mommy and my new nephew are doing wonderfully and daddy is very, very proud of them both. I have some pictures, but they need to be compressed a bit before I post them here… probably tomorrow. I don’t know when exactly I’m going to be able to see him in person, but hopefully soon. Short notice flights to Calgary are outrageously expensive so I’m just going to wait and see.

Congrats Ron and Lejla on your beautiful baby boy.

Lots of love
Auntie Sandy