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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Really... Why do we bother?

The election last night was already decided by the time that polls in BC closed. What's the point of voting here at all? What ever happened to the concept of proportional representation? It's not the fact that the Liberals are going to be running the country again... it's the fact that what anyone in this province voted made absolutely no difference whatsoever. Okay, and I'm also a little pissed that Hedy Fry, political whore extraordinaire, is once again my MP. Why oh why do people keep voting for her? She doesn't give a damn about her riding or the people in it. Sigh.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Amuse me won't you?

Despite the very high tension and very short tempers right now, A and I did manage to see a couple of movies in the last week. Friday was Harry Potter of course and I enjoyed it. A new director has taken this one on and I really enjoyed his vision for the film. A was not so sold... he enjoyed it but felt it was lacking in special effects (it was) and was a fairly boring story line (I disagree).

Wednesday we went to see a preview of The Chronicles of Riddick, and as Vin Diesel is a total hottie, I was looking forward to it. Eh. Not bad, but not really great either. I might rent it, but I certainly wouldn't pay to see it again.

Hoping to get some Shrek time in this week...movies take my mind off nicotine. It has not been a pleasant week thus far. When I'm doing okay, A is a complete bastard and when he's feeling good, I'm a mess. It is ugly. Very, very ugly. Sigh.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Leave me alone

I've determined that this not smoking thing is a piece of cake... unless I have to actually interact with other people, at which time it becomes absolute hell. I never know what's going to happen. I could remain calm, I could burst into tears, I could become unbelievably angry, or any one of a million shades in between. All for no particular reason. If A and I get through this without killing each other or breaking up it'll be a minor miracle.

Wish me luck kiddies... I'm gonna need it.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Nobody likes a quitter

And a quitter I am... officially. I have given up smoking. For good.

I am stressed and a little edgey today but for my first nicotine free day I think I'm doing okay. Of course, by the end of today I may be a blubbering mass of nerves, randomnly attacking strangers on the street. I hope not...that could get messy.

In other news, I did see Harry Potter on Friday night and I enjoyed it. The man thought that the story was weaker than the first two, but I disagree. It was shot completely differently than the others, giving it much less of a 'comic book' kind of look. I was impressed.

Going to get some straws to chew on now...

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Too many movies...

Too little time!

I didn't make it to see Shrek II the other night because I stayed too late at work. Damn work! Oh well, I'll get there next week I suppose, since tomorrow I'm rushing out to get tickets to see a Friday night showing of Harry Potter! I am so psyched. Also want to see Goodbye Lenin this weekend, and perhaps I can cram Shrek into a matinee or something. I sense that I will be eating a lot of popcorn in the next few days.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Generic is the way to go. Must dash... off to see Shrek II

Sick and tired

And I'm sick to death of this bloody template... maybe I'll just pick something generic from Blogger... much more likely that'll happen then I'll actually spend the time to put together something I like. Sigh.

Back from the dead

So... it's been a while. Thank you for all the inquiries about whether or not I'm okay... I am. The last few months it just seems like my 'real' life just kept getting in the way of my blog, so unfortunately the blog suffered. Blogging from work was becoming much more difficult for me, and my lack of permanent connection at home just made it feel like work to actually get on line and post. Reading through some of my old faves today made me realize that I kind of miss having a place to just ramble on about whatever bullshit I feel like, so i guess I'm back. Didja miss me?

All is very good in Sandy-land these days. Work is still there, the man is fabulous and I even managed to spend time with my very, very beautiful nephew a couple of weeks back. I promise that I really will get some pictures up here in the next little while.

So, what's been going on? Well, I helped my nephew (along with his mom and dad) move over to Gibsons from Calgary and spent a long weekend with them; I've been to some lovely parties; I've read numerous great books; I've house-sat out in the burbs and enjoyed the stars; My car broke and now I've decided to take transit at least until the end of the summer... with gas prices the way they are I'm already saving a fortune; I've lost 25 pounds cutting back on my carbs and walking to and from the Skytrain. It's been good.

So... what the hell have all of you been up to?