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Location: Vancouver, Canada

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Amuse me won't you?

Despite the very high tension and very short tempers right now, A and I did manage to see a couple of movies in the last week. Friday was Harry Potter of course and I enjoyed it. A new director has taken this one on and I really enjoyed his vision for the film. A was not so sold... he enjoyed it but felt it was lacking in special effects (it was) and was a fairly boring story line (I disagree).

Wednesday we went to see a preview of The Chronicles of Riddick, and as Vin Diesel is a total hottie, I was looking forward to it. Eh. Not bad, but not really great either. I might rent it, but I certainly wouldn't pay to see it again.

Hoping to get some Shrek time in this week...movies take my mind off nicotine. It has not been a pleasant week thus far. When I'm doing okay, A is a complete bastard and when he's feeling good, I'm a mess. It is ugly. Very, very ugly. Sigh.